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Private NNN Investments

STAX is a next-generation private equity firm focusing on value add single tenant net lease retail assets. We collaborate with tenants and developers to breathe new life into underperforming properties. Our partners receive exclusive access to a proprietary deal flow at above market returns.

$150M+ Deployed (2023 YTD)

SQRL Gas Station for Sale

Get exclusive access to proprietary deal flow

Welcome to STAX Equity, where elite investors come together to secure the most promising investment opportunities in high-growth sectors. If you're ready to gain a competitive edge in the investment world, join our Exclusive Deal Flow Access program today.

Focused on essential retail & infrastructure.

Gas Station & Convenience Stores

Achieve 80% accelerated depreciation on assets improvements value in year one. Investing in gas stations allows you to capitalize on bonus depreciation benefits, accelerating tax deductions on tangible property assets with shorter depreciable lives. Leverage this to maximize your portfolio’s performance through both tax advantages and reliable returns.


Gain passive income from advertising revenue, backed by real estate.

Energy Infrastructure

Sub-surface mineral rights. Oil refinery terminals. Solar based EV charging. Petro whole sale and delivery.

Scale your retail operations

  • Open More Stores without Taking on Debt
  • Site Selection & Acquisitions Expertise
  • Develop Corporate Credit Profile
  • Leverage our Technology to Scale your Ops