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Private access to higher yield assets

Welcome to STAX Equity, where elite investors come together to secure the most promising investment opportunities in high-growth sectors. If you're ready to gain a competitive edge in the investment world, join our Private Access program today.

125+ Proprietary Deals in Pipeline

Private Access


Why should you apply?

Our expertise lies in identifying, analyzing, and securing higher yield commercial real estate investment opportunities. Through our rigorous due diligence process and industry expertise, we create a curated deal flow that is unavailable on the market. 

Private Access Benefits

Proprietary Deal Flow

Be the first to access the most lucrative and high-potential investment opportunities before they hit the public market.

Above Market Returns

We are able to achieve significantly higher profit margins by sourcing all of our own deals, and cutting out the bloated banks and national brokerage firms. When you work with STAX, you are investing directly with the underlying deal makers. Those efficiencies are passed along to you as an investor through higher yield returns.

Streamlined Process

Our members enjoy the benefits of not only first access but our off-market streamlined investment process allows us to offer you better cap rates due to increased efficiency, reduced complexity, and faster decision-making. Investors can focus on evaluating opportunities and making informed choices.  

Spaces are limited, and we are experiencing a high demand.

Don't miss your chance to join this elite group of investors and gain access to the most profitable deals in the market. Remember, time is of the essence. Register now and seize the opportunity to transform your investment portfolio with our Private Access. Your future self will thank you for it.

Private Access